“GCCME has provided a wonderful Montessori training course for our teachers and continues to support our school through workshops, individual consultations, and ongoing personal support. Trent Montessori would like to thank GCCME and it’s wonderful staff for providing our staff with the education and love of teaching so that we are able to provide a loving Montessori environment to all of our students.” ~ Jan Haas Owner and Administrator of Trent Montessori in Newport, KY

“GCCME is a great option for anyone seeking a Montessori teaching credential, but it’s a particularly good opportunity for the individual who is already degreed, and is seeking to change careers.” ~ Julia Adams Preziosi, Director of Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy in Crescent Springs, KY

Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training

Early Childhood Teachers practicing math materials.

“Their program opened my eyes to the wonderful, beautiful, AMAZING world of the Montessori philosophy. With their guidance and education I found a part of myself I never knew existed before. Not only are students of this program learning the Montessori philosophy, they are also embarking on a journey of self discovery. Their philosophical teachings align with that of Maria herself and are put into practice through following the child and his desires. The staff are amazing and extremely passionate, intellectual, and overall genuinely loving towards everyone that comes in their doors. I wouldn’t be where or who I am today without all their amazing support and guidance. Thank you so much GCCME!” ~ Juli Taylor, GCCME Alumni

Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training

Early Childhood Teachers exploring a sewing curriculum as part of practical life.

“This program has changed my life as a teacher. I came into this program as a traditional teacher and through this process have been able to learn a totally new method. It has been the most rewarding process to see the Montessori Philosophy work within my classroom! The students in my room are now able to work independently and be successful! It is a breath of fresh air. Through the support of staff and the other students at GCCME I have grown so much as a teacher. I just cannot say enough good things about this program!” ~ Christina Freund, GCCME Alumni

“A great school to learn about Montessori Philosophy. Their faculty are wonderful, caring people who truly believe in the Montessori Method. The Professional Development workshops in the summer and during the year are a great way for a season teacher to renew their spirit and dedication to the principals and practices of Montessori education!” ~ Meri Fox, Director of Maple Knoll Child Development Center, GCCME Advisory Panel and GCCME Alumni

Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training

Montessori Early Childhood Teachers participating in one of our workshops – Mindfulness and Self-care!

“Central Montessori Academy has had teachers come through this program. They are well prepared to be in the classroom and have a deep knowledge of the Montessori philosophy and ways to implement it in the classroom.”~ Kristin Patterson Head of Central Montessori Academy in Cincinnati, OH

“An incredible resource for our community, committed to Montessori philosophy and children. Empowering, educating and advocating for best practice- parents and teachers- check them out!”  ~ Beth VanWassenhove Bayfield, Owner of Little Acorn Consulting

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