GCCME Announces a New Program Director

It is with both excitement and a bit of heartache that I share that I have accepted a new role away from Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education. Beginning Monday, September 25th, I will join American Montessori Society as the Director of Conferences. One thing I know for sure is that AMS, like GCCME, holds a vision of a world in which quality Montessori education is widely recognized, highly desired, and accessible to all. I will be continuing work I feel so very passionate about!

I will be forever grateful for all the GCCME community has taught me over the years. I have met many inspiring Montessorians along the way and look forward to staying connected in different ways.

GCCME’s current Early Childhood Educational Coordinator, Lisa Dieso, has graciously accepted the position of GCCME Program Director. She has been on the Faculty for the past 3 years in a variety of roles, such as practicum coordinator, field consultant, and online instructor.  She has taught in Montessori Schools in New York, Ohio, Kentucky, and Maryland. Lisa has her Bachelor’s Degree in Montessori Education and holds an American Montessori Society Early Childhood Teaching Credential. She also has a Master’s Degree in Education Administration, and has worked in school administration for over 10 years. Lisa is also mom to a son and daughter who attend a Montessori school.  She is passionate about the method and looks forward to working more closely with the GCCME Teacher Education Program. I believe Lisa is the perfect fit for this role, GCCME is in good hands!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or simply want to talk. Keep in touch via my new email: heather@amshq.org. To reach Lisa: ldieso@gccme.org.

In gratitude for all you have taught me,


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